Limpia Front Entrance

The Limpia Crossing
Property Owners Association




Ann Chappell

Vice President:
Howard Adkins

Linda Hedges

Melissa Sherrod

Road Maintenance Chair:
Dick Calkins

Meeting with attorney Blackley resulted in some clarification of various legal matters:

  • Changes to Deed Restrictions voted only by Land Owner, regardless of size or number of lots owned.
  • Membership in the LCPOA is voluntary. landowners are still required to pay road maintenance fees.

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Road maintenance complete:

Dear LCPOA Members:

The final stage of our road work is complete! It went very fast this morning. The Top Seal product soaked in much more quickly and completely than we had surmised, so driving over the worked sections should not be a problem. This is the first time we’ve used the product, and we didn’t know exactly how it would behave, so we erred on the side of caution with the information we disseminated previously. Fortunately, it all went extremely well. Again we appreciate your patience and understanding. The other good news is that Keith Jarratt was able to remove the Top Seal that splashed onto his headlights very easily with water. It was impossible to remove when dry, but water does the trick. What about rain on the roads, you ask? The product should bond differently to caliche than to glass headlights, so we are very hopeful about its lasting ability.

The next time you see him, please thank Dick Calkins for his ongoing work as our Road Maintenance Chair. Also volunteers Dave Hedges, Lon Hebert, Darryl Creel and Don Parkinson who helped direct traffic this morning.

Happy Holidays,

(Posted Dec 13, 2014)


Road maintenance this Friday, Dec 13th at 9:00 AM:

Dear LCPOA Members:

Keith Jarratt of Jarratt Dirt Work and Paving tells us that the final stage of our road work will be on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 13, commencing at 9:00am. The first area to we worked will be Olds Creek Drive on the hill above Limpia Creek. Second, the slope on Arabella between Olds Creek and Comanche. Third, the hill on Arabella at the west entrance. Fourth, the curve at Crooked Oak and Juniper.

To reiterate and clarify: the final stage entails the application of a coat of Top Seal, a product that should slow erosion of our trouble spots. While the roads are wet following application (about two hours), it would be best to avoid driving on them... BUT, this is not always possible. DRIVING ON WET ROADS IS FINE IF EXTRA CARE IS EXERCISED. The most important thing is to drive SLOWLY to prevent the product from splashing onto your vehicle. If any product does inadvertently get on your vehicle, remove it as soon as possible, ideally before it dries, and certainly within two hours.

A few volunteers plan to be on the roadways on Saturday to help direct folks, although we do not anticipate any problems.
Thanks for your patience and understanding as the Board works to improve our Limpia Crossing roads.

(From Linda Hedges)

(Posted Dec 11, 2014)


Road maintenance almost finished:

Dear LCPOA Members:

Jarratt Dirt Work has nearly completed our 2014 road work, and our roads are in excellent condition. If you see Keith, please commend him for his great work. All that is lacking is applying the final coat of Top Seal, which will be done Friday Dec 12 and/or Saturday Dec 13. As discussed in the next paragraph, getting raw Top Seal on vehicles can be a problem.

Besides resurfacing the roads, caliche was applied to 4 road sections and these were secured with Top Seal, a glue for road material that should prevent erosion of the caliche. These sections were on 1) Olds Creek Drive on the hill above Limpia Creek, 2) Arabella Drive on the hill near the west entrance, 3) the hill on Arabella between Olds Creek Drive and Comanche and 4) the curve at Crooked Oak and Juniper. The caliche that was brought in was wet and the mixture of road material and Top Seal did not dry enough to permit the application of the final top coat while Jarratt was completing the resurfacing work; thus, the final step will be performed during the times stated above.

After the final application of Top Seal, which dries in about 2 hours, traffic over the treated sections would ideally be curtailed until drying is complete; but preventing traffic entirely is not feasible. Drivers who choose to drive on the treated sections while puddles of the product are standing on the road surface risk getting the gluey mixture on their cars. The product can be removed with water before it dries but after that may remain for years. Keith Jarratt got the product on the headlights of his water truck, not knowing that it needed to be washed off, and he now cannot remove it even with a wire brush. DRIVERS PLEASE BEWARE. Drive slowly through areas that are being worked (or consider an alternate route if possible). Carefully check your vehicle immediately afterward and wash off any material that may have splashed up.


Dick Calkins
Road Maintenance Chair

(Posted Dec 09, 2014)


Upcoming Road Maintenance:

Dear LCPOA Members:

Jarratt Dirt Work and Paving has pledged to begin our road work on Monday, November 24. Our work is estimated to take 10 days and should be completed during the second week of December. Part of the work involves putting a stabilization product down on sections of roads where the wear is the worst, and this process should begin about December 1. During the placement of the stabilization product, sections of road may be closed for short periods of time. When possible, notice of road closure will be announced on the LCPOA website and also with signs physically placed on the roads that are closed.


Your LCPOA Board of Directors

(Posted Nov 20, 2014)


04 September 2014 Board Meeting:

04 September 2014 Board Meeting.pdf

(Posted Sep 27, 2014)


11 September 2014 Email Announcements Information:

Any LCPOA member who would like to receive announcements of Board of Directors meetings and other notices from the Board should submit their email address to secretary Linda Hedges:

(Posted Sep 21, 2014)


11 September 2014 Upcoming Board Meeting:

Sep 09 2014 Board Meeting announcement.pdf

(Posted Sep 21, 2014)


05 September 2014 letter from Chair Ann Chappell:

Letter from Ann Chappel chairwoman September 4 2014

(Posted Sep 05, 2014)


15 July 2014 Board Meeting:

15 July 2014 Board Meeting.pdf

(Posted Sep 2, 2014)


July 06 2014 ANNUAL Meeting Minutes:
(Unapproved.  Actual approval comes during the 2015 annual meeting)
July 06' 2014 ANNUAL Meeting Minutes

Click on photo to see a PDF image.

(Posted July 15, 2014)


July 06 2014 Meeting Minutes:

July 06' 2014 Meeting Minutes

Click on photo to see a PDF image.

(Posted July 15, 2014)


Septic services offered:

B&S Services Front

B&S Services Back

(Posted June 01, 2014.)


July 13 2014
"Limpia Crossing Road Maintenance Accomplishments
for 2013 and Plans for 2014"

From Dick Calkins, Road Maintenance Chair:
July 13 2014

Click on photo to see a PDF image.

(Posted July 13, 2014)


June 29 2014 Meeting Minutes:

June 29 2014 Meeting Minutes

Click on photo to see a PDF image.

(Posted July 07, 2014)


May 22, 2014 Meeting Minutes:

PDF file
Click on the image to view an enlargement.

(Posted February 2, 2014.)


January 14, 2014 Meeting Minutes:

PDF file
Click on the image to view an enlargement.

(Posted February 2, 2014.)

LCPOA Background and History.

This is a one-page explanation of the origins of the Limpia Crossing Property Owners Association and a description of what the original members had in mind when they found themselves members of the association.
(I would appreciate it if someone could tell me who authored this. Thanks).

Next Board Meeting:

September 23, 2014

Deed Restrictions (original)

Deed Restrictions (post-2005)

By laws (July 2005)

Articles of Incorporation:

Page 01 Page 03
Page 04 Page 05 Page 06
  Page 07  

The majority of these files are in PDF (.pdf) format. You can get a free viewer by clicking HERE.

I am in search of any documents relating to the Limpia Crossing Property Owners Association. If you have anything that you would like to contribute, then please contact me at . Thanks!

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