Limpia Front Entrance

The Limpia Crossing
Property Owners Association




Ann Chappell

Vice President:
Howard Adkins

Linda Hedges

Melissa Sherrod

Road Maintenance Chair:
Dick Calkins

Meeting with attorney Blackley resulted in some clarification of various legal matters:

  • Changes to Deed Restrictions voted only by Land Owner, regardless of size or number of lots owned.
  • Membership in the LCPOA is voluntary. landowners are still required to pay road maintenance fees.

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23 September 2014 Board Meeting:

23 September 2014 Board Meeting.pdf

(Posted Feb 18, 2015)

LCPOA Background and History.

This is a one-page explanation of the origins of the Limpia Crossing Property Owners Association and a description of what the original members had in mind when they found themselves members of the association.
(I would appreciate it if someone could tell me who authored this. Thanks).

Next Board Meeting:

(To be announced)

Deed Restrictions (original)

Deed Restrictions (post-2005)

By laws (July 2005)

Articles of Incorporation:

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Page 04 Page 05 Page 06
  Page 07  

The majority of these files are in PDF (.pdf) format. You can get a free viewer by clicking HERE.

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